Meet the Staff


Samantha Kimsey
CEO/Founder & Computational Thinking Instructor

Samantha hales from the South.  She grew up in South Eastern Tennessee in a small town called Turtletown.  No really … it’s called Turtletown.   Though she moved from Turtletown at 18 to go to university, she still appreciates her roots.  After completing her Computer Science degree at the University of Arizona, traveling in Europe for a few years and consulting for another 15+ years for Oracle, she now lives happily with her husband and daughter in Honolulu, where she’s been since 2010.


Maria Banaga
Program Manager

Maria has been working closely with our CEO since the early quarter of 2017, ensuring that we deliver an efficient service that meets the expectations and needs of customers and clients. She’s a part of both our administrative and operations department supervising groups of projects – focusing on long-term business objectives, schedule and resources.

Maria has been working remotely on the behind-the-scenes of every plan and ideas to help organize activities and ensure that project goals align with the objectives of Computational Thinkers.