Amazon may launch new AWS productivity suite to take on Microsoft and Google

Amazon Web Services is considering bundling its email, file storage, and video conferencing apps into a productivity suite that would compete with Microsoft and Google, according to a report released Friday.

Sources told The Information that AWS is still in the early development stages with its productivity suite and hasn’t ironed out exactly what apps it would include. The company is reportedly working to upgrade its existing WorkMail and WorkDocs to appeal to more corporate customers.

Bundling its apps would help AWS compete with Google G Suite and Microsoft Office 365. Companies that currently do work with AWS told The Information that Amazon’s services haven’t sold as well since they’re currently less advanced than Google or Microsoft’s products.Amazon is currently playing catch up with other productivity suites, adding features to existing apps such as WorkMail. In November, for example, AWS added the ability to save all emails sent and received so companies in the finance and healthcare industries could meet compliance regulations.

Last week, AWS announced its Chime app that combines video conferencing, voice, chat, and screen sharing. Adding this app to a bundle could make Amazon’s services as appealing similar suites that have Google Hangouts or Microsoft Teams.

The Information reported that it’s still not clear if the AWS suite would include an online word processing app that allows collaboration, such as Google Docs. Amazon currently doesn’t offer such a service, but a source said it could be moving into that territory with a recent update to the existing AppStream service.

There aren’t any details on the cost of Amazon’s productivity suite. Google’s G Suite starts at $5 per user per month, and Microsoft’s Office 365 starts at $6 per user per month. AWS currently charges $6 for both WorkMail and WorkDocs.

April 19, 2017

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