April 15, 2016 : Google Expeditions

Google Expeditions Comes to Honolulu


On April 15th students at Computational Thinkers were able to explore the world through google lens. Google has made it possible for students to visit places such as Egypt, Brazil, Canada, Singapore, and more without leaving the classroom.  Through the use of virtual reality students visited as many places such as the ones listed below. Thank you Google for visiting our school and giving us the experience of a lifetime.


How it Works

The use of virtual reality has given the average classroom a 360 ° spin. As students look through the Google Cardboard viewer they will be able to immerse themselves in a world their eyes have never seen before. First, a teacher picks an expedition of their choosing. The teacher guides students using an iPad through different expeditions connected to their curriculum. Teachers are able to point out spots of interest where students will then be guided by arrows. Then the teacher may choose to pause the tour and explain in further detail the importance of the image. Google has ultimately paved the way for future field trips across the globe.


Google Expeditions Visited

◦ Borneo Plant Adaptations, Stratosphere, Edingburge Castle, Rio de Janeiro & Sau Paulo

◦ Metal Artistry, Pharmacists, Museum Photography, Auto Manufacturing

◦ Egypt, Recycling Center, Buckingham Palace, Civil Engineering

◦ Smithsonian, Slovakian Caves, TV New Anchors, Coder/Entrepreneur

◦ Caernarfon Castle, Tolbachik Volcano, London Eye, Handmade Products

◦ Leeds Castle, The Life of a Robot, Ocean Safari, Berkley College of Music

April 23, 2016