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Classes at Computational Thinkers

In order to make an effective use of computer applications and techniques, a person needs to have certain skills:

  1. Computer Literacy: The ability to use basic computer applications such as an editor and a web or file-system browser.
  2. Computer Fluency:  High level understanding of the workings of a computer system.
    While computer literacy and fluency are certainly necessary, neither is sufficient for fully realizing the potential that computing can have in augmenting a person’s productivity in their field.
  3. Computational Thinking: The third, critical skill set is the intellectual and reasoning skills that a professional needs to master in order to  apply computational techniques or systems thinking to problems and projects in their field, whether the field is economics, art, a science, the humanities, or the social sciences.

We offer computing classes in several fields of study and continue to add more.  Though Computational Thinking is the fundamental class where it all begins, everyone of our classes reiterate our core concepts: abstraction, automation, algorithms, logic, data decomposition and data representation.