AI – Computer Vision & Machine Learning


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Intro to AI

When we think of AI you might possibly think of “Robots”.  However you’ve probably been using AI on a somewhat regular basis and it wasn’t what you would call a ‘robot’:

“Ok, Google!  Give me directions to the closest Starbucks”


AI is an evolving technology that is enabling computers to simulate elements of human thinking

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is more than a technology; It is the science of our humanity. Presently, most of us recognize that AI is in our phones, search engines, and certain “smart” cars. But, AI has its roots in everyday items we take for granted such as calculators and clocks. Despite its enduring presence, AI remains a highly misunderstood science. This misunderstanding threatens our individual abilities to properly keep up with AI’s dramatically increasing influence on our lives and economy. In the past ten years, research in AI has surged. In the past five years, startups involving AI have equally skyrocketed.  There is a crucial need for the current generation of students to understand how AI works. Their working world will be dominated by technologies that harness AI.

Having a functional understanding of what AI is will give students of today a foresight into how to efficiently use future technologies.

Additionally, it will give them a foundation into how they can innovate their own entrepreneurial uses of AI.


Course Curriculum

Week 1-3 Introduction/computer vision
Python Basics – What is A.I. Details 2 weeks
Week 4-6 Lane Detection - OpenCV
Week 6-9 Machine Learning