Gaming & Science Summer School


Camp courses are:


First and foremost playing video games is crazy fun!  On top of it all they have added benefits like increasing your problem-solving skills, your processing speed and some say they can enhance your memory.

That’s great.  Keep telling yourself that but in order to play games all summer, you are going to have to make them first.  Tah dah!  The old bait and switch!

In this camp you will start your morning by clearing your mind via Yoga (aka, get your sweat on … get swole!), drizzle on a little Javascript, sprinkle in some Python and end each week with a little Chemistry concoction of experiments.

Course Curriculum

8:45am HST - Yoga & Go
10:00am HST - Coding & Game Design, Beginners
1:00pm HST - Gaming for Future Engineer
2:30pm HST - AI Computer Vision & Machine Learning
4:00pm HST - Chemistry Club