Dec 9, 2014: USPTO Issues Trademark: Computational Thinkers

ALEXANDRIA, Va., Dec. 12 — The trademark COMPUTATIONAL THINKERS (Reg. No. 4654583) was issued on Dec. 9 by the USPTO.

Owner: Computational Thinkers, Inc. AKA Computational Thinkers CORPORATION HAWAII Suite 411 1050 Bishop St Honolulu HAWAII 96813.

The trademark application serial number 86297046 was filed on May 31 and was registered on Dec. 9.

Goods and Services: Educational services, namely, conducting programs in the field of Computational Thinking which specifically teach children (preK through elementary school) to solve problems using abstraction, problem modeling, problem decomposition, programming, computer hardware component recognition, computing communication methods, the internet, sorting, searching, data structures and algorithm design.

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January 24, 2016