Disrupt Summer 2019: DevLeague

Disrupt Summer 2019: DevLeague

Computational Thinkers Disrupt Summer 2019 featured a wide range of guest speakers during week one of the program. They gained insight from business owners and visionaries in Hawaii on entrepreneurship in the islands. In this post, we highlight Russel Cheng of Devleague and his visit with our students. 

Devleague, founded in Hawaii in 2013 by Cheng and co-founder Jason Sewell, has been working to instruct the local community through intense curriculums in fields such as web design and cyber security. 

Cheng offered Disrupt Summer students a dynamic talk focusing on the importance of failure. His lively presence and real-world, tangible examples helped the students grasp the all important lesson: You will fail. And, thats a good thing. 

Students left his talk energized and ready to embrace their upcoming weeks in the program. By the end of Disrupt Summer, they created final projects, products and business proposals aimed to impact one of Hawaii’s current and socioeconomic challenges. 

Without the guidance of guest entrepreneurs such as Cheng and our other speakers from week one (who you can read more about on our Disrupt Summer 2019 page) the students would not have been able to create such thoughtful and community motivated final works. 

We’d again wish to thank all of our speakers for their time and dedication to local students. We humbly appreciate their support of Computational Thinkers Disrupt Summer’s mission to teach students how to be disruptive innovators in their local communities, starting at any age.