Disrupt Summer 2019: Blue Startups

Disrupt Summer 2019: Blues Startups

This summer Computational Thinkers  kicked off their 3-week summer program, Disrupt Summer 2019, with guest entrepreneur, Chenoa Farnsworth of Blue Startups.  Farnsworth shared with our students the company’s recipe to success for mentoring more than 10 cohorts of entrepreneurs to build 76 companies and raise more than $120Million in follow on funding.

Farnsworth is the Managing Director for Blue Startups and Hawaii Angels, Hawaii’s only angel capital investment network.  After the talk she gave to our students we could quickly see why the global media company, HotTopics.ht listed her within the top 100 leaders of tech accelerators as well as TechChunch’s choice to put BlueStartups on the list of the nation’s top 20 Accelerators.

Computational Thinkers 3-week Disrupt Summer program taught students about Clayton Christian’s Disruptive Innovation Theory and guided their entrepreneurial spirits to develop products or solutions to some of Hawaii’s key issues. Chenoa, along with Blue Startups’ 10 expert lead mentors and 140+ mentor network, guides a cohort of 10 companies through the Incubator’s intensive 13-week mentor-driven program.

To give our disrupt students a sense of effort required by her cohort of entrepreneurs, she walked our students through her 13-week intensive program, drilling home the key lessons she expects her entrepreneurs’ to learn.   Our students were frantically taking notes on venture capitalists tactics, business models, A/B Testing, pros and cons of software v/s manufacturing product innovations, Lean Startup approaches, their MVP’s and so much more. 

After 45 minutes of hearing the coveted knowledge that only cohort members receive, she left students with lasting advice that even helped her Blue Startups partner, Henk Rogers.   Tetris was successful, because it was simple,” said Chenoa as she shared Rogers’ story on why he elected to secure the rights to distribute the video game Tetris.    A good idea is not as important as good execution.  It took Tetris almost 10 years to get to that point.”

Without the guidance of guest entrepreneurs such as Farnsworth, the students would not have been able to create such thoughtful and community motivated final works. 

We’d again wish to thank all of our speakers for their time and dedication to local students. We humbly appreciate their support of Computational Thinkers Disrupt Summer’s mission to teach students how to be disruptive innovators in their local communities, starting at any age.