Fun day at the Hawaii Geek Meet

What is the Hawaii Geek Meet?

It’s a fun, casual, family-friendly, potluck picnic for groups and individuals who have a passion they’re eager to share.

This has always been a grass-roots (literally) community event. There’s no need to “staff a booth” or have fliers or presentations at the ready (although if you have such things, they’re more than welcome!). We encourage participants to think of it as a potluck picnic for each individual group — with all the camaraderie, shop talk, food and fresh air that would come with it — but it will also be a picnic at which every tent around you is another cool club or group to meet, make friends with, and share some show-and-tell.

And we use a very inclusive, positive definition of the word “geek.” Gadget lovers, tech heads, makers, artists, coders, entrepreneurs, teachers… past years have seen costumed storm troopers checking out solar telescopes, armored knights swordfighting in the shadow of a towering amateur radio antenna, and drone pilots building toy payloads out of LEGO. App developers have found beta testers, ham radio enthusiasts have recruited new students, and everyone’s young geeky kids have made lifelong friends.

For specific and focused local groups, the Hawaii Geek Meet is a great excuse to see old friends and catch up on the latest tips and trends. But at the same time, the idea of Hawaii Geek Meet is to mix and mingle with other brilliant people, people you might never meet in your own circles, but people with whom we’d bet you’d get along smashingly.

Who is invited?

Anyone who is remotely geeky about anything. Web developers, designers, programmers, photographers, videographers, podcasters, bloggers, even artists, teachers, thinkers… Are you knowledgeable and passionate about something? Are you naturally curious and interested in learning about something? Do you want to meet new people, share what you know, and learn a thing or two that you don’t? Then you’re invited. Bring your friends, your family, your kids… and if you’ve got geek toys and gadgets, bring them too!

The core of the Hawaii Geek Meet are several local groups that already get together to talkstory and share knowledge. Is your group interested in joining? Let us know!

What should I bring?

Curiosity, stories to tell, and toys and gadgets to share. If you’re coming with a group, coordinate your potluck contributions with that group. If you’re coming on your own, you can also bring something to share, or just bring your own lunch.

Anything not allowed?

This is a family-friendly event where kids are expressly welcomed (geeks can find mates and have offspring!), so please keep that in mind. Also, as it takes place in a public, city-administered park, business are more than welcome to participate but will not be able to conduct sales. If you’re bringing exhibits or toys that require extra caution, please plan in advance to come early to stake out some space, post warning signs, and so on.

October 5, 2016