December 2, 2015 : Computational Thinkers Live on the Radio

Computational Thinkers on the Air

On March 2, 2016 Computational Thinkers was featured on Byte Marks Cafe . Samantha Kimsey spoke about the upcoming Spring Break session from March 16 – 18 and March 21 – 25. She states, “It is possible, you can get your children to understand computer science elements”. Our kahoot trivia sessions have proven that parents are starting to grasp the concepts that their children are being taught at Computational Thinkers. Teaching students to outsource a task and having it perform a function over and over so they can focus on doing other things will be beneficial for future problem-solving strategies and logical thinking skills. Our goal is to teach our students the key components of computational thinking such as function and algorithms before later turning them into code. Coding is everywhere. When you turn your car on in the morning a computer is telling the engine a list of functions and algorithms in order to function. Computational thinking is just that. Finding functions and algorithms in order to solve a problem or make a task easier. Our family of learners are growing and are now able to take a computer science language and transform it into something comprehendible and usable in every day life. Spring break session is right around the corner. Sign up for your spot Here . 

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Comp Thinkers on the Air


April 24, 2016