We make distance learning safe AND FUN!

Very Limited Memberships

If playing teacher at home is not your idea of fun or you just can’t manage your work schedule and home schooling, then we are here to help. Our “Coworking for Kids” services will provide Distance Learning(DL) support by facilitating the delivery of materials to students while their online DL teacher runs through their lesson plans. Between homework, DL assignments, our friendly staff will enforce covid safety standards, institute eye strain prevention breaks, recess, lunch as well as offer after school classes for those needing extended care.

Because this service is limited to a small set of students, please reserve your spot by completing the form below and we will contact you to make further arrangements.

For more info, go to our CoWorking for Kids website:

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    Computer Science Related ClassesArt and Drawing ClassesFitness ClassesAdditional Core Education (math, reading, science)

    Home LunchLunch ServiceMix: Sometimes home lunch. Sometimes not.