Student Strong Fall Break 2020

Fast & Furious” Fall Break 2020

We hope everyone in our CompThinking & CoWorking Community was able to enjoy a nice break from school or whichever form of distance learning your family is navigating.

Returning to school this quarter has proven to be just as unpredictable as this Spring; however, it’s encouraging to see how resilient our young students are in adapting to the changing times. 

We took a break from our CoWorking operations (if you’re unfamiliar with CoWorking For Kids please visit our site to find out about distance learning support for your student), for our “Fast and Furious” Fall Break Camp. Boy did we have a lot of fun! Due to COVID-19 guidelines we had to restrict our student enrollment; however, this allowed for some great one on one connection between our instructors and the campers. 

Getting our morning stretch on to execute the day! 

We started off each day with an hour of exercise at the local park (opening just in time for Fall Break!) and focused on warming up our bodies, testing our physical endurance, and engaging in friendly competition. Preparing our students for their classes with physical exercise sets the foundation for their ability to understand, evaluate, analyze, and create in their classes. Got to wake up those brains!                                                      

Once we had everybody warmed up and ready we settled into our Fast and Furious classes. These ranged from building computer aided designs (Kudos Academy), testing and refining our student’s academic and computer skills (Distance Learning 2.0), developing our programming skills to build video games with Python and JAVAScript, and much more! Our smaller class sizes allowed each student to ask in depth questions, and develop more refined computational thinking skills.

         Warming up with some wall-sits.


Students learning to build legos designs.

Man these kids sure worked hard; but they also played hard too. During their recess time an impromptu “Lava Monster” competition developed over the course of the week. “Lava Monster” became the perfect way to bond the students and staff outside of their other classes, and just have a good time. The end of the week came far too quickly, but to celebrate all the students had accomplished and learned we ended the camp with our famous “Friday Social Sundaes” to get the kids out a bit early, eat some yummy ice cream, and let them relax after a long week. 

Although COVID 19 has changed so much of the world we live in, Computational Thinkers and CoWorking For Kids continues to serve the community by endowing its students with the tools to continue to think and solve problems “computationally” .

From our Ohana to yours stay safe and we look forward to seeing more students in our Winter and Spring classes.




“In addition to our diverse approach to integrating computational thinking into all of our classes Fall Break also focused on teaching kids life skills like accountability, and cleaning up after one’s self.” 





Mr. Logan washing dishes. 

October 16, 2020