Digital Art
Summer Camp

Build 3D Graphics & Learn Javascript
$ 595 8 Weeks (>38 hours)
  • TikTok Choreography Dance Class
  • Digital 3D Art with Blender®
  • Generative Art with Javascript

DJ Summer
School Camp

Electronic Music Production
$ 315 8 Weeks (>24 hours)
  • TikTok Choreography Dance Class
  • DJ Prep Class (1 Week)
  • Ableton Live® 7 weeks)

Gaming & Science
Summer Camp

Learn Python & Javascipt
$ 1250 8 Weeks (78 hours)
  • Yoga and Go
  • Coding & Game Design, Beginner
  • Gaming for Future Engineers
  • A.i., Computer Vision and Machine Learning
  • Friday Chemistry Club
Best Deal

Science Leaders
of Tomorrow Camp

Coding & AI
$ 975 8 Weeks (58 hours)
  • Yoga and Go
  • Coding & Game Design, Advanced
  • A.I. & Computer Vision & Machine Learning
  • Friday Chemistry Club

Young Scientists
Summer Camp

Computational Thinking
$ 980 8 Weeks (>57 hours)
  • Good Morning Little Yoga
  • TikTok Choreography Dance Class
  • Computational Thinking,
  • C.U.B.E. Class
  • Makers At Home

Summer Camp for the Digital Artist

It’s Tuesday!  No, wait maybe it’s Thursday.  You wake up just in time for a fresh and fun morning yoga workout.  Post yoga, you shake a tower.  No, that’s not right.  You take a shower, have your  brekky and slowly make your way to your computer for a late summer start to your online academic day.  You dive right into your digital art class with Mr. Andrew, and learn to use a tool called Blender for making some on fleek graphics.  

Great, now it’s time for a brain break.  You stop for lunch, check your phone, text your friends, maybe go for a walk… ok back to class.

You wrap up the academic day with Mrs. Sam in your Generative Art class  where you learn how to get psychedelic with Javascript.

DJ School Summer Camp

Garage band was cute and fun.  Now it’s time to get more serious and up  your music making game.  There’s something about the speed and ease with which you can access and edit sounds in Ableton Live that allows you to feel inspired and enter a creative mindset almost instantly.

This short Camp gets you moving in the morning, TikTok Style and grooving by evening EDM style.


Gaming & Science
Summer School

First and foremost playing video games is crazy fun!  On top of it all they have added benefits like increasing your problem-solving skills, your processing speed and some say they can enhance your memory.

That’s great.  Keep telling yourself that but in order to play games all summer, you are going to have to make them first.  Tah dah!  The old bait and switch!

In this camp you will start your morning by clearing your mind via Yoga (aka, get your sweat on … get swole!), drizzle on a little Javascript, sprinkle in some Python and end each week with a little Chemistry concoction of experiments.

Science Leaders of Tomorrow
Summer Camp

Ok Teens and Tween, this is the summer to get caught back up.  We had a pretty “week sauce” of a 4th quarter in 2020 but come Fall, you can dust your shoulders off and show your teachers that you were still able to make it happen!  Covid19 is not going to get you down.

This Camp is jam packed with academic goodies from morning fitness each day, coding, AI, Chemistry. You got it all baby!!

Young Scientists
Summer Camp

Our little Campers is where we put so much of our love.  We have a fun summer planned for our K-3 but also keeping in mind that we don’t want a whole summer full of screen time.  With the off screen tasks that go with this camp, your little ones will surely be rocking their computational thinking, engineering and presentation skills all from the comfort of your dining table making a big sloppy mess.